Ten Thousand!

Holy moley people! We now have an astonishing ten thousand followers and who knows how many other regular viewers. This blog has been going for 3 1/3  years, which is basically as old as the Roman Empire in tumblr terms. We try to be a purist porn blog and only publish nekkid pictures, so I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who’s ever sent compliments or kind words to us. Even after all this time, I’m still tickled to get messages like that, especially from other trans people. Thanks also to everyone who’s ever submitted - I can’t believe how many outrageously cute and sexy people have sent pictures to our inbox. And thanks to our illustrious founder and total hottie Greyson who started this darn thing and has continued to maintain and improve the blog through numerous mini-crises and submission droughts. You all rock!

Anonymous asked:

I am nonbinary femme and was wondering if a pump can enlarge my ((clit)) safely without T or surgery? Do you recommend any products?

I try not to answer a lot of questions on here, but we get this one a lot. I recommend Naughty Pumps. I met the owner at a convention when I was working at a sex toy shop. He knows his shit and has worked with the trans community, so they should be able to help with any questions, particularly in sizing, which is where it can get a little confusing for trans folks. Pumps can help with size, but it’s not going to give you the results of T or surgery.