It's that time again

We’re back down to 24 posts in the queue, 2 of which are trans women, and 4 of which are nonbinary (anyone that identified also as ftm or trans man was not counted in that number) identified folks. Also, only 3 of those 24 are (visible) POC (because I don’t have tags for trans POC. Should I have a tag for trans POC? Do y’all want a tag? ‘Cause I’ll make a tag if y’all want one). 

So, while everyone who is trans identified and comfortable with their nekkedness being on the interwebs should submit, we’re especially looking for those folks where our numbers are lacking. So please signal boost this to any trans hub sites that you follow, any particularly popular trans folks that you follow, and all of your sexy friends who need an outlet for their sexiness (that means you too!).

No really, please signal boost the shit out of this. It’s finals week and I don’t have the time to trawl for submissions (and everyone needs a little more wank fodder for finals week right?.. no?.. just me?).