Just wanted to let y’all know that we rearranged our tags a little bit and added “demigirl” and “demiboy” to the list. Its one we’ve been seeing more of lately and we received a message requesting it. We try to stay on top of the trans community’s ever-changing language, but we are human, and therefore sometimes miss things. That said, If there are tags that are relevant to parts of our community that we’re not reaching with other tags, please let us know.


the current state of our queue

Thank you all for responding to our previous call for submissions when our queue ran dry. While we have almost two weeks of submissions now, only two of those submissions are trans women/(C)AMAB folks. So while we’re still accepting ANY AND ALL submissions, we could use some trans women/(C)AMAB submissions to even it out. 


Critically Low on Trans Women/MAAB submissions

Our queue has been hovering around a week out, but we’re really low on trans women/MAAB submissions. Please signal boost this, and if possible, SUBMIT. We only provide what people send us, so if nobody’s sending, there won’t be much here!