A few things…


1. For the anon who wanted a theme with visible tags. Thanks for pointing it out and our theme is now updated. 

2. Because of the updated theme, ANY PICTURES SUBMITTED IN A TEXT POST WILL BE DELETED. I will send you a message about it personally, if you have your ask open, but they get super distorted on this theme and I don’t have the spoons to spend hours looking for a new theme that a. has tags, b. is single column, c. allows for a profile pic, and d. doesn’t distort large pictures in tags. 

This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood mod. 

posted to the wrong blog, because I am tired as fuck. 

EDIT: I also just removed the option to submit a text post, because we don’t get that many erotica submissions anyway (because, frankly, that’s not really what this space is for). So, there shouldn’t be any more problems.